Welcome to Flatland Motorcycle Company’s new website.

A little about the company and owners:

Flatland Motorcycle Company (FMC) originally started as 45” Parts Depot in June of 2002. We started selling parts and accessories for the 45 Model from Holland and this is where and when we created our first website. It was a huge success and we found ourselves in the center of the motorcycle craze brought on by shows and builders from Orange County Choppers, Monster Garage, Biker Build Off and so on. With this growing success, we decided to move back to the U.S. and open a new facility in Ohio. In 2007 is when we changed our company name from 45" Parts Depot to DBA: Flatland Motorcycle Company and our new facility was up and running, but little did we know 2008 would be a worldwide financial disaster which hit the motorcycle industry hard and we took the brunt of the fallout. We closed the Holland warehouse and soon after our new warehouse in Ohio and moved to Arizona where we’ve been since 2012 and changed the course of our business and our lives forever.

A little about my lovely wife and myself, Kurt and Wendy Riffe; We met in late 1998 and have been together ever since through thick and thin. I was born and grew up in western Pennsylvania….farm land and dairy’s…. and Wendy is a California girl……please don’t hold that against her…..she grew up when people still had love for this country and knew right from wrong. She was an actress for a short time on the set of Little House on the Prairie as one of the school extras and owned her own business when I met her. Myself, I’ve done three stints in the U.S. Air Force and have 27 years of Service under my belt….that was long enough for me. I also spent 4 years working with the Dutch Air Force which is why we started 45” Parts Depot in Holland. I was buying WWII WLA models because I love that bike and the exchange rate was incredible, then one thing lead to another and I met some people there who changed our path in life to do what we actually love doing.

So here we are, 27 years of military service behind me, almost 20 years selling, restoring, riding and loving what we do here at Flatland Motorcycle Company and the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle.

Please enjoy our new site. It’s a little messy at the moment, but we’re working every day to bring you the best the aftermarket motorcycle industry has to offer.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Kurt & Wendy Riffe