WLA Military Front Fender

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Original H-D #: 3702-40M

WLA Military Front Fender
WLA Military Front Fender
WLA Military Front Fender
- Skirtless front fender is a 1940 army style for 45 solo models with spring forks.
- Fender comes with braces that are 5/8" wide.
- Hole closest to the front of fender measures 1-7/8" center to center and 18-3/4" from front the fender.
- Center hole measures 4-3/16" center to center and 25-1/2" from front of the fender.
- Before priming or painting, fit the fender body, braces and mounting points in place.
- Fender rivets, hinge and brackets will have to be tweaked for final fitment.
- Patience is required for proper installation!

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