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Linkert M88 Carburetor
Fillister Head Screw 6-32 N.C. x 3/8Throttle LeverFillister Head Screw 10-24 N.C. x 5/8Fillister Head Screw 8-32 N.C. x 3/4Low Speed Needle Valve AssemblyLock Washer 10-32Fillister Head Screw Needle Valve SpringLow Speed NeedleNeedle Valve Adjusting ScrewAir Intake ShaftCarburetor Needle Valve Lever ScrewThrottle Shaft SpringNeedle Valve LeverNeedle Valve SpringSpring CollarHigh Speed Needle ValveHigh Speed Needle Valve Lock ScrewDrill PlugDrill PlugDrill PlugThrottle Shaft BushingThrottle Shaft BushingIdle Passage PlugLock WasherLock WasherFillister Head ScrewFillister Head ScrewThrottle Disc15/16 VenturiAir Intake DiscJetFriction SpringAir Intake LeverBall BearingM88 Carburetor AssemblyThrottle ShaftSpecial Float Screw & NutBowl Valve Cover CapAir Intake Lever ScrewFloat LeverFloatScrew and Pin SetScrew and Pin SetDrain Plug GasketBowl Drain PlugInlet Nipple WasherMain NozzleFloat Valve & SeatNozzle Retainer SpringBowl Lock Nut GasketBowl Lock NutLock Washer 3/8 x 5/8 x 1/16Hexagon Nut 3/8-24 N.F. x 21/64 x 9/16Carburetor SupportOther StuffFloat BowlCarburetor Control ConnectionBrass Washer 13/64 x 3/8 x 1/32Cotter Pin 1/16 x 1/2

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