There are so many new features to the new site, where to begin? 
How about FREE SHIPPING to all US customers! This includes Alaska & Hawaii and no order is too large! Read the FAQ section for more information. A small processing & handling fee applies.
For our friends outside the US, we offer the best and lowest possible shipping pricing available.

45" Parts Depot is still here and will continue providing the same great quality parts & accessories as we've been doing for over a decade. Flatland Motorcycle Company is now the parent company of 45" Parts Depot, Colony USA, KnuckleHeadQuarters & 4 U Motorcycles
Interactive Schematic Actual "Interactive" schematic's that allow you to click on a Part Number and the item will appear instead of having to search a product list. Some Categories have "Other Stuff" for parts not listed on the schematic but may be for an earlier model or a new item.

FMC Approved
When you see the FMC Approved symbol this represents products that have been used on our own bikes, customer rides and project bikes which have been found to Meet or Exceed the OEM in Quality, Fit & Finish. This means you get a part that will make your life easy.
Made in USA!!Made in USA!!
      We pride ourselves on providing not only the best possible products available, but also products that are
      produced in the USA. Any item with the waving US Flag is an item which comes from an American
                  Company. Support American businesses.

We are a Worldwide Distributor for Colony Products. This means we have some of the best retail prices for their products and we offer better pricing on their products for Dealers too! Contact us if you're interested in our Dealer Program. Must be a Licensed business in the Motorcycle Industry.

Site Under Construction
Please know this is only the beginning of what will be available on our new site. Check back regularly for updates, new products and new models. This is a long term project, so if you need anything that's not listed please send us an e-mail with your request. Need Parts
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